Sunday, March 1, 2009

White Magic

Today we woke to snow.  A beautiful surprise.  

At first I was a secretly disappointed and apprehensive learning church was canceled and the kids and I would be home bound all day.  We never stay in all day.  I know, we are spoiled here in the south.

Surprising the snow has had sort of a tranquil affect on the boys.  They've been content to play, color, eat a little, stare out the window, play, eat again, and then more starring out the window. Magic I say.  Hardly any whining, arguing or general ill moods.  

Thank you for the snow Lord.  The boys were quieted by your awesome creation.
    .... a few pictures from our short but memorable time in the snow.

Here they are getting acquainted with the foreign elements.  Soon after, Josiah was doing laps around the backyard laughing all the way.

Next, Josiah found it amusing to get snow on mommy via snowballs.

Below is Titus.  He didn't care for the snow that much and came inside asking for "lassses."  After 10 times or so of going back and forth:
 "Mommy, I want Lasses." and  Mommy saying- "Titus, baby, I don't know what you are asking for."  He finally elaborated and said "spida-man lasses."  Oookay.  I suppose lasses are pretty similar to glasses, but with the cloudy snowy day who is thinking about sun glasses?  Funny thing was he didn't want them for his eyes, rather his nose.  Your guess is probably better than mine.

(By the way, his tears weren't about the snow.  I accidentally hit his head with my camera. Sorry buddy.  ) 


  1. Too cute. And the snow is really bright for southerners, Christie! It calls for sunglasses. You're just going to have to come to terms with the fact that your kids are, in fact, southerners.

  2. Aww...what adorable pictures. I don't think Averi was super thrilled with it yet either. I think it's the age...and she hates to be cold:)

  3. Same with David. He did not like being that cold - and he also insisted on his sunglasses.

    I love the picture of the snow coming at you. You're a great photographer.

  4. Your kids.....cute as always!
    Sam did NOT like the snow. It was nap time when he got to go out in it but it was basically just a very cold time of whining.

    P.S. Thanks for your comment ;).


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