Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Isn't it ironic...

Meet our cowboy.  (By the way, Dan and Deb, he loves it.)  Josiah's preschool had a circus dress up day.  Yes, I am aware that cowboy may not be the number one circus costume, or.... even ranked.  But when you don't have a clown, elephant or tiger handy, and buying or making one are not in your desired options, what does one do?  Except search the Internet endlessly until you find at least one "expert" that says cowboys can indeed be found at the circus.  Perfect, we just happened to have a cowboy costume here at home.

If you've read my earlier post about Josiah's identification with dinosaurs, you'll understand why these pictures strike me as ironic. 

He is a master at making terrifying and scary faces as a dinosaur, but just couldn't make the switch when it came to being a mean cowboy.  I guess more Clint Eastwood movies are in order.

An attempt was made, but smiley face was no match for cowboy face.
Daddy, on the other hand, made an excellent villain.  
Almost too good.  Is it possible he missed his calling? 


  1. oh that last picture is halarious!

  2. He seems to get the giggles around Dad. He is pretty funny!!!

  3. I agree. I think DAD is the problem. I bet he coulda been scary if it had been just him and Mommy. You know, when he has to be big and strong and the man of the house and all.


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