Friday, February 27, 2009


So Josiah spends about a third of the day in dinosaur character.  And not just any dinosaur- a scary dinosaur.  With his arms raised and folded back to his shoulders, he extends his fierce claws and sets into motion.  All the while he roars (or whatever incredibly loud and frightening noises dinosaurs made) and stomps and pounds to and fro, to and fro.

Titus is the recipient to most of Josiah's tormenting, I mean, "dinosauring".  I can tell he has broke into dinosaur mode when I hear Titus scream "STOP Siah" and then dash for cover under a table or behind the nearest piece of furniture.  

Quite frankly, Josiah really is a scary looking dinosaur, and if it was socially acceptable for someone my age to respond in the same manner as Titus, I probably would.  But alas, I am the mother and we mothers must do the motherly thing.  Which in this case, requires me telling Josiah to stop scaring his brother. 

And to this he responds, " Then can I scare Mommy?"  Oh, the sacrifices....  


  1. THAT is the most priceless picture that I have seen in a LONG time. That is awesome!!! I love it.

  2. If I put my ear up to my monitor, I'm pretty sure I can hear that roar...

  3. that is a cute picture!! i love it when little kids pretend to be something else ALL the time! my younger cousins were cats for years...

  4. I love that picture! Especially since I can relate. Harris is my full-time dinosaur. Fortunately, I can use the baby's nap time as an excuse to make the dinosaur be quiet.

  5. that picture just made my day complete.. i was searching and hoping to see the epitomy of another mothers life with boys and then I read this post and saw that precious picture. I LOVED it! man that makes me love having boys (and a girl).


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