Friday, February 6, 2009

Brotherly Love

Last week the family headed over for our small group Bible study that's hosted by our friends, the Andrews.  There are six families all with children, and we try and have all the kids down in bed by 8pm.  Yes, It's quite a task, but after five years together it works like clockwork...well kind of.
Josiah and Titus sleep in the same room every week.  Josiah in a bed and Titus in a pack and play.  This particular night the pack in play was not in the room.  Instead of tracking it down, in one ambitious moment, Jarrod and I decided to experiment and promote Titus to the Big Boy bed (together with Josiah).  I suppose we were feeling a bit adventurous, or was it lazy?  No matter, the point is we were putting ourselves in grave danger for a very torturous night.
I expected Josiah to get out of bed at least once.  When he came down the stairs the second time, I refrained from showing my displeasure and heard him out.  He said Titus hurt himself.  He and I rushed upstairs to survey the situation and  found Titus in the same place we had left him, but I could feel tears down his face.  I gathered they had been horsing around and Titus bumped his head.  While settling them back in Josiah said something he says often at bedtime.  "Mommy, if you are scared Jesus will always protect you."  "Yes, buddy," I said "you don't need to be scared because the Lord will protect you".  With a bit of frustration he asked, "But where is He?"  
Well, this is new....
I replied with what came to the top of my head which went something like this.  "Just because you can't see God doesn't mean he isn't here protecting you.  He loves you.  And if you need help, Josiah, the Lord also charges His angles to help those who love him".  Why I brought the angels into the mix, I'm not sure, but hey, at least it's true.
Then it hit me like a bolt of lighting, now was not the time.  I popped a kiss on each forehead, said another prayer and implemented the no talking rule.  That would at least keep  the bouncing and wild giggling at bay.  
I left the room and did what every mother does, put my ear to the door.
This is what I heard:

Josiah:    "Titus, are you okay?"
Titus:      (in his slightly whinny, yet endearing, feel sorry for me voice):  "yeeeah."
Josiah:   "Titus, if you are ever scared I'll protect you... because I'm your brother."

I tried to hear more, but their voices faded.   Really though... does it get any better?


  1. That is the sweetest thing EVER! And what an adorable picture of the 2 of them.

  2. Tooooo stinkin' cute - and what an appropriate picture. It's adorable too :).

  3. That's awesome! I LOVE listening to kid's conversations. . . it is just amazing.

  4. Precious! What sweet boys!
    I just discovered your blog! :)

  5. That's amazing! What a sweet moment.

  6. Okay I just teared up. Having two boys, THOSE are the moments I live for. Proof that even though they bicker all day long and don't always "share toys" that at the end of the day, they get IT. Oh what a precious momma you are girl. You are giving them those precious truths and they are repeating them to each other.. wow. so encouraging. (just found your blog too)! Glad I did.


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