Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's me

I've been blessed with a sweet mother's day-probably the best yet. Now I know as I write this it's not actually mother's day yet. And it is only my 4th time experiencing the holiday as a Mom, but trust me... it's been a good one.

To tell you about it I must first fill you in on last thanksgiving. In particular, Josiah's school thanksgiving program. The preschool he attends put on a thanksgiving recital type thing and about 25 or so of the 4 year old's sang a few songs for the parents. As I sat in the auditorium with all the other Moms and Dads, I was prepared for a sweet mommy moment, but a few minutes into it I braced for something quite different. As Josiah made his way up the bleachers I noticed he had a deer in the headlights look on his face. His big eyes were scanning back and forth the auditorium looking for me. As soon as we made eye contact it was all over. Tears started forming and his little face read fear all over it. He tried to wade through, but the terror only worsened and he broke into full fledged crying. After what felt like an eternity, the director walked over and lead him off the stage. We spent the rest of the program sitting in the audience watching the other children sing.

As soon as we left and headed home, I called Jarrod who was out of town at the time, and shared what had happened. In a classic mommy moment I tried to conceal my tears, but lamented about how his fear of being on stage was some how a result of my poor parenting skills, blah, blah, blah. Jarrod in no way minced words and basically told me to stop being ridiculous. I think his exact words were "Christie, you need to repent." :) I love my husband, really.

Fast forward to last month, I got a newsletter from the school announcing the children would be hosting a Mother's Day Tea. My heart sank after learning that yet again they would be singing songs.
Needless to say, Josiah consistently came home practicing his songs. We talked about the tea and what it meant to be brave even if we were scared. We prayed about the tea. I wouldn't be surprised if we dreamt of the darn tea party.

A week before the tea, Josiah finished practicing one of his songs and said, "Mommy, you'll be so happy if I sing the songs?"
Yes, I will be so happy."
"Mommy, you will be so sad if I don't sing them?"
I'll be a little sad, but I'll love you no matter what Josiah."
"Mommy, he said, I'm going to sing them."

Of course that conversation was enough for me no matter what the outcome. But what unfolded at the tea will always be one of my most prized memories.

As I approached the classroom, Josiah's teacher was standing at the door, and before I knew it Josiah came darting out the door to meet me. His smile was gigantic. I could tell he was a little nervous, but more excited. He took my hand and lead me into where we would sit. I think his teacher had instructed the kids to pull out the chair for their mommies. However, when we got to my chair we just stood in front of it for a few seconds and then Josiah looked up at me and said "I love you Mommy." I'm speculating that he forgot about the chair, but was remembering he was suppose to do something nice at the moment :) And nice it was indeed.

As we waited for the other mom's to arrive Josiah told me all about what was to happen. He was going to bring punch from the punch bowl and then bring me four cookies. I can't describe the joy I felt watching my little man bring over the punch and cookies. I think what made it so special was the skip in his step and what appeared like the pride and joy he had in serving his mommy. (at least that's my story which I'm sticking to.)
As we enjoyed the punch and cookies, of which he ate 3 and half (he is after all a boy), I received multiple unsolicited hugs. I felt like an adored queen.

And then the time had sing.

As His teacher called the kids up Josiah and I looked at each other and and in a blink of an eye he was gone. He was the first one to make his way up there. Who was this child?
Here they are singing "I Have a Friend." (Josiah would be the tall one by the way).

For some reason the Tea was a most unforgettable time for me. I can't find the words to describe it completely. No tangible gift could ever surpass it. I am so thankful.
I am also grateful for Josiah's first real lesson in "facing fears and second trys." I imagine, for him, the experience was triumph at it's best. For me, it was the grace of God epitomized.

Thank you Jesus.

Josiah's Artwork. A self-portrait in the center.

This was taken right before they sang...

Josiah and Mommy enjoying the Tea!


  1. Aww, I got choked up reading that. I can only imagine how it made your heart swell. Josiah's already a little gentleman!

    Happy Mother's Day :).

  2. Aw. The tears are streaming down my face! What a sweet little guy. I can't wait to experience moments like those as Eli gets bigger.

  3. Seriously SWEETEST thing EVER:) He is adorable!

  4. That's adorable!! Too wonderful. I'm so glad you had such an amazing Mother's Day moment!!


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