Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food in the hierarchy

Several nights ago,  Jarrod was out of town and it was one of those days that warranted a blue chicken dinner.
Josiah was in heaven.  At the end of the meal he said, "Thanks for dinner Mom.  I love this dinner." 
Trying to be cute, I replied with "and I-love-YOU."
Josiah said, "No mommy, I didn't say I loved you, I was saying I love the chicken and the bread and the lettuce."
okay..well then...

I know my place in this family.  Food always comes first.


  1. LOL! Too funny. Don't you love the honesty at this age?

    We missed you guys last night! I hope Jarrod FINALLY made it home, poor guy.

  2. oh its just the age.. everything is always.. "factual." he loves you but that was not the subject at the moment. LOL.

  3. haaaa oh man! It starts. Only one of many more corrections to come I bet! (ps responded after your comment on my blog)


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