Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Easter fun

I know this post is suppose to be wordless, but I need to ask for your prayers.  After we finished decorating our easter eggs I put them in a baskets for both Josiah and Titus to carry around.  A few minutes later I found Josiah (in his type-a, perfectionist manner) sneaking up to the garbage can to throw an egg out!  I asked him what he was doing (of course already knowing).  His reply was "but mom that one had a small crack in it and the other one had part of it's sticker ripped off."   "Oh, Father, help us."


  1. ADORABLE pictures Christie! And I am cracking up that Josiah did that. Mia is so OCD too and it drives me crazy sometimes.

  2. Oh my that is bad. . . poor child. He's going to have a tortured perfectionist life. :)

  3. Titus sounds like he should be MY child! hahah


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