Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trust's better

I'd been putting it off a bit and now I understand why.  I knew deep down that it wasn't going to be easy.  At least not as easy as it had been with Josiah.  Potty training Titus that is. 
It's been time for sometime though.  So I got Titus in the car and headed to CVS to pick up some rewards, i.e. candy.   

 He was somewhat enthused at first, but the pictures below tell of his waning excitement.  This being a direct result of my explanation on how he get the rewards.

We started on Wednesday.  At 8am he was all on board to ditch his diapers and trade them for underwear, but at about 8:10am  his cooperation level peaked and nose dived.  He decided he didn't want any liquids fully knowing what that would lead to.  Not only did he not go to the bathroom in the potty, but he had three accidents all before 12pm.  Obviously, in a most passive manner he was aggressively communicating  his thoughts on the matter.  This combined with the all day depression inducing monsoon weather made it hard to stay positive about our crash pottying course.  So I retreated and decided to regroup the next day.
I'm thankful the Lord gives wisdom when we ask, because I was in need.  This was a bit puzzlings to me considering Josiah was trained in two days with no hiccups.  The Lord reminded me of something I did with Josiah which was take out a DVD from the library on potty training.   It's a funny bear that walks through the whole process.  Josiah loved it.   DVD...check
I've also decided to upgrade the rewards.  Ice cream....with sprinkles.  He loves sprinkles.  
Better bribery...check.
So, I'm going to try again after Titus can recite the bear DVD by heart, and the weather gets nicer.
I have a renewed confidence, but still a small nagging suspicion that Titus has this whole thing figured out (namely me).  
And to think, I'm trying to help him out of diapers and into a better way of life as he knows it. Work with me child, work with me....
I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh man...good luck:) Hopefully the DVD will work. And definitely ice cream with sprinkles. I'll have to remember that too when I get back to potty training Averi.

  2. i just caught up on the latest...
    forgive me for not reading your posts more often. i've taken a time out from blogging...i know, i know, i suck! you are an amazing writer...i'm reading with such anticipation & just hate when your post ends. of course, you are talking about 2 boys whom i love more than anything! the picture of you and josiah re scary dinosaurs is forever stuck in my mind. hilarious! and hearing sweet baby Titus sing & play the guitar...priceless! i love you guys!

  3. Good luck! I'll be needing some advice on this subject in a couple of years (but am going to happily bury my head in the sand until then! :)).

  4. oh girl..I feel your pain.. I have decided to forgo Alex until he is three..even though he is asking to go pee-pee. I know, terrible mom. but I just know how much that boy drinks and I can't fathom us going that often. Besides Jorge was three when I trained him. I truly hope the DVD works for you. if it does.. i need more info about that dvd. (love your blog, btw.. i know i don't always comment.. but i am a stalker.. um reader..) ha.

  5. jorge is really rachel garcia btw...

  6. Yikes. I'm not looking forward to this myself. You're braver than me for doing "crash" pottytraining!! I'm kinda (at this point) thinking I'll just leave Ali in diapers until she is well under pottying control. :)


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