Monday, February 2, 2009

Here's to blogging...

Well, I am doing something i thought I'd never do...  I am joining the world of blogging.  My sister-in-law Tyree made me do it.  Well, not exactly, but she encouraged me to start one.  I've been considering it, and she inspired me at just the right time.  
Recently, I have thought it would be neat for my parents and family and friends who live any where but Alabama to see a glimpse into our every day happenings.  I've also had to come to terms with the fact that I am just not a very good scrapbooker.  Truth be told, Titus is 2 and a half and his 1st year of life scrapbook has yet to be completed.  I also stink at writing down the cute, funny and memorable things that my children have said and done, and everyone says I will forget them.  Although I of all people don't need to be reminded about forgetting!  I can't even tell people what I've done yesterday!  So, I have hope that this blog will serve as both a scrapbook for pictures and journal for family record keeping.   I hear it can be pretty therapeutic too.  Let's be clear, I am not against therapeutic...
Anyhoo, my friend Rachel has printed actual books of her blogs, pictures and all.  Someone, please, keep me accountable.
This will be a bit of a stretch for me, I must confess.  I am not the most talkative person and I don't exactly wear my heart on my sleeve.  Ironically, I married a speaker who travels around all over the place and uses our lives for illustrations.  Needless to say, the thought of sharing what the boys and I talked about over lunch makes me break out in a sweat.  But, I will try. I've give it the old college try.  Here's to blogging.
Oh, and in case you wondered why I named my blog Blue Chicken Dinners, stick around and I might even share a thing or two...


  1. I am so excited about your new blog! I can't wait to read it. Trust me is fun and actually lets you vent. I always feel better once I've punched the keyboard a time or two. And I can't wait to hear where the name came from...

  2. That's awesome!!!! I'm so glad you started!!! I can't wait to read all about the Jones adventures. And I agree with Tyree- blogging is SUCH a great hobby! You'll love it!

  3. Wow- this is role reversal! :) At least if we cant talk as often as liked, I can still see whats going on in your life! :)

    amy b

  4. I am so THRILLED you are doing this! I may learn a thing or two about you through this...EXCITING! I can't wait to read your postings!

    love you!

  5. Wow! This is great, Christie! I've wanted to get to know you better, but since we are usually both wrangling children (and usually by ourselves while our husbands are doing their God-given thing) when we see each other, it's hard to do in person. I read from the top of the page down, and you are doing a great job of expressing yourself! Welcome to Blogland!

  6. Hey Jennifer, Thanks for the sweet welcome! It's funny how us Moms have found new ways to connect. Maybe will get to hang out in person someday soon. :)

  7. Hey Christie! I love the blog!

    --Scott Crews


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