Saturday, August 1, 2009

So, we're moving.

There I said it.  I feel better now.  I have been contemplating how to break the news on my blog.  There just didn't seem like a good way, but that was easy.  Simple and straightforward.

Now the only thing left is an explanation.  

And I hope to do that soon, but I'm afraid I can't right now.  I am knee deep in getting our house ready to put on the market, and I just don't believe I have the emotional energy to write about it or figure out how I want to say everything.  

I will say that it's very exciting!  What's happening is an amazing God story.  And there is so much to look forward to.  But it's very emotional too, saying goodbye to so much and so many.  So, it's complicated.. not the situation... my emotions I suppose, which then translates into my blog post.  wow, you get the point, don't you?

Even still, something happened tonight that I had to share.  Jarrod and I have been trying to break the news to the boys about moving. Really Josiah because I'm not sure Titus would completely understand at this point.  Anyway, the other night, Jarrod told Josiah that we were going to move to NY and have a new house.  He mentioned being close to Grammy and  Grandpa and also making new friends.  Josiah looked at Jarrod intently the entire time and when Jarrod was done there was a brief pause.  "Daddy, can we play fight?"
That was it, no acknowledgement of the life altering news just shared.  Just a request to wrestle.  So as you can see, we weren't so sure it was sinking in.

But tonight the boys and I went to target and on the car ride home, out of the blue Josiah said, "Mommy, I am going to have to tell David and Tyler (friends at church)  goodbye because we are going to a new house." 
Me:  "That's right buddy and you could give them a hug and tell them you are so glad you are friends and that you will miss them."  
Josiah:  Yeah.
Josiah again:  Will we have to get a new Jesus?

 That's right, he really did ask that.

Me: "No, baby, Jesus will be with us where ever we go. And He'll be the same Jesus.  He never changes Josiah."

Four year old's have the funniest thoughts sometimes, but after reflecting on it-his question was pretty legitimate.  I guess he is thinking it through after all. 
 And honestly answering it was a great reminder.

Almost every inch of life will change, but His book says He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  
My God will never change and He will never not be with me.

* Double negative intended ;)



  1. Oh my word, I am SO sad:( I know you've got to follow where God leads you, but ya'll will be so missed.

    And that is a sweet story about Josiah asking aboug getting a new Jesus:)

  2. That's so cute!! It's good he's starting to process it won't be easy for any of us!!

  3. We will be sad to see you guys go too! I just told Bob and would you like to know his response? "Yea, ya knew they were too cool to stick around." Take from that what you will ;) but I'm pretty sure he meant it as a compliment.

    Also, I love that Titus took your profile picture. It's adorable!

  4. he'll do great - kids are the resilient ones and the good news is you won't have to search for a church! that is the part i always DREAD! we need to get up to bham before you guys leave. we're pretty much moved in here in montgomery now and schools start on the 10th. i'll be in touch.

  5. Cute story, so glad Josiah is starting to understand about the move. We're going to miss you guys!

  6. We are so excited for yall...saw the big news on Jarrod's twitters while we were gone. Cant wait to hear all the details, but we are going to miss yall so much!

  7. Wow! A big move for your family...I'm sure you will be blessed even though there is so much to think about during these transition times. Where exactly are you moving?


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