Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lake Ida Minnesota!

We're back from "my side" of the family reunion in Minnesota.  We had a great time being together and the cousins had endless fun.   There was all kinds of activities to be shared... fishing, frog catching, botchy ball, smores, monster (Titus was the honorary monster all week), tickling and lots random running around.  We got to visit a water park and a state fair where on a whim Jarrod and I put Josiah and Titus on a cute and seemingly  harmless "little kid" roller coaster.  The boy's deer in the head light look remained in tack the entire ride and Jarrod and I never laughed so hard.  We never truly could decipher if they enjoyed it.  
And the last night there everyone but myself  (didn't feel well) attended the demolition derby.   It was Jarrod's first and he said he loved it.  I think it's true-men never do grow out of smashing cars into each other.

Cousin Willy and Titus

Madeline and Grandpa

Grammy and Steve

Uncle Jarrod

Aunt Steph and (Percy) Priscilla

Titus and Uncle Dan
Cousin Henry to whom I am the proud Godmother
Aunt Deb and Madeline

All the cousins, but Henry

Grandparents and Grand kids

I had to include these last two photos.
  This is Titus at the local restaurant where we enjoyed dinner one night.  I think grandpa took this picture of him.  (Take note of the folks behind him. )  The next I saw was Titus taking pictures of Grandpa with the camera.  But, apparently, he wanted to try out his photography skills on some other dinner mates.
Because the next day I was perusing my photos and found..... 

this picture...of the folks.... we don't know...
I've pondered over this, so many questions left unanswered here..  

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  1. LOL! It looks like y'all had a blast! I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy your family!


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