Friday, June 19, 2009

Trading candy or iron for silhouettes

This weekend
marks 6 years of marriage for Jarrod and myself.  As a gift to us I decided to stretch my creative juices and make silhouettes of us to hang above our beds.  That part of our bedroom has been barren since the beginning of time for us,  and it was about time I found something to put there! 

Jarrod is driving home from Texas today and I have not given him our presents, so if you read this today and for some reason happen to be in contact with him, please don't spill the beans!   Jarrod  if you are reading this before you get home stop here!

okay, so here they are.
These are actually not hard to make.  I think I could have been more precise with my cutting, but then again, I am no perfectionist!

With out getting all mushy gushy, I can truly say I am so thankful for our marriage.  It is in fact a gift from God.  Although not always easy or perfect, it is great.  And it has actually only been uphill since we shared vowes 6 years ago.  I say this not to boast, but to be able to say our marriage is what it is today because it's based on the author and foundation of love, Jesus Christ.  Colossian 1:17  says, He (Jesus)is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Jarrod performed his 1st wedding  (his cousin Kaley's) a few weeks ago and there was a part where he urged the bride and groom to love Jesus first so that they might love one another as they deserve (I think he got that part from our pastor).  It is true that God is the author of love and with that He has the prescription for making love work.  I am just grateful He gives us the strength to live out the prescription, otherwise it would just be words.
Thank you God for my husband and the 6 years shared!

By the way, if you are ever looking for a great marriage resource, I enjoy this ministry.


  1. Happy Anniversary Christie! Ya'll are a beautiful couple!

  2. What a cool idea - and it looks like they turned out great!
    Happy Anniversary :).

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments Jaci and greta!

  4. Happy anniversary! Cute gift idea.

    J.C. and I just celebrated our 6th this past weekend. I didn't realize we had gotten married so close together.

  5. Thanks Lindsay. I had no idea either! How fun. Happy anniversary to you guys too!!

  6. Those are really neat! I love them. Happy anniversary!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary, what a great gift!

  8. Happy anniversary, late! :) I love the pictures! How crafty of impressed!


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