Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Painted Canvas

A few weekends ago, the boys had their first "real" experience with paint.  While visiting Meme and Poppy, Aunt Tidy (Tyree) and Josie brought over their art supplies to share, and the boys and Josie got all set up on the back porch.
Now, I knew the boys were different, but the paint adventure proved this theory very true for me.  It was so interesting.  It was like the overflow of their little personalities came pouring out on to the canvas.
exhibit one- Josiah's painting
Josiah set out to make Spider-man and if you asked him today what he made he would tell you. Spider-man.  I've learned to take these type of answers at face value.   The spider man "body"  you see in the middle did have arms, but one was slightly thicker than the other. Rather than try to fix them up a bit, in Josiah's distress he was adamant that we just paint over them.   The arms never did make a comeback.

Josiah kept his paint palette completely clean.  No paint meddling for him thank you.   He sat on top of his legs and of course made sure that no paint was on him or anywhere in the surrounding area.   I was tired just watching him keep up with it all.

Titus, on the other hand, found different means to express himself.  In fact, I think it was more about the experience than the actual picture.  Of course that may have to do with his age, but I am trying to make a point, so work with me.

Exhibit two: Titus' Picture
Titus sat cross legged and hovered over his painting like he made a living painting purposefully abstract messes.  He loved every minute of it.  He even tried duplicating the abstractness on his paint palette.  The paint made it's way on his clothes, hands and hair.  Titus, not surprisingly, was at peace with the mess. 

In the end, the boys are equally proud of their masterpieces.   They're frequently found picking it up, looking it over and bringing it out of their room to show it off.    

I suppose it's similar to how I feel when I gaze at the handiwork of God.  He has painted the canvas of our boy's personalities, and I love admiring His work.

Thanks for the fun Aunt Tidy!


  1. TOO cute!
    Our last painting experience turned out more like Titus', but as Ali's personality has developed and she has more control over what she is doing, I have a feeling that our NEXT painting experience will be more like Josiah's.

  2. So cute! I haven't attempted this with Averi yet, but Mia painted 3 for grandparents at Christmas, and they loved them.

  3. OH! You just made Aunt Tidy very proud. I loved watching them paint & I loved watching Josiah stress about his painting. When I took the painting class, I was just like him. I stressed, I concentrated...it was not therapeutic like they say. Anyway, thanks for the cute post and mentioning me! I love those boys so much!


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